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Julian Assange Jailed on Charges: Politically Motivated, or Just Convenient?

The arrest and detention of Julian Assange Tuesday on charges of rape and sexual assault was at the least a convenient development for government leaders who’ve sought ways to contain the leader of the controversial website Wikileaks.

But in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Jim Sciutto, Wikileaks’ spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson insisted Assange’s arrest won’t alter the site’s calculated release of thousands of secret government cables, which still continues according to plan. The site published a new slate of cables Wednesday.

“It is not derailing us in any way,” said Hrafnsson, adding that a group of five to six people is running Wikileaks’ operations in Assange’s absence. “This is a turning tide and starting a trend that you can’t really stop unless you want to shut down the Internet.”

Meanwhile, supporters of Assange are saying the timing and nature of the personal allegations against him are more than coincidence – they’re “politically motivated.” And the confluence of recent events gives at least the appearance that could be true.

In mid-August, two Swedish women told prosecutors and news outlets they had each had consensual sex with Assange, but that he didn’t use a condom against their wishes and subsequently refused to get tested for sexually-transmitted disease. Their complaint led to a warrant on charges of sexual molestation.

But now prosecutors allege Assange forcibly raped at least one of the women and sexually assaulted the other — significantly more serious allegations than what investigators initially pursued.

Assange, 39, was formally charged and held without bond in London on one count of rape, two of sexual assault, and one of coercion. He has denied the allegations and insists the sex with both women was consensual.

“Fortunately, the international corralling was successful,” Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said shortly after Assange’s arrest. “Assange has hurt international diplomatic relations and I hope he is questioned and tried as established by law.”

Assange’s brainchild, Wikileaks, is also weathering its most intense attacks to date. The site has been bumped from its servers without notice and mysteriously cut off from key funding sources after PayPal and major credit card companies, Visa and MasterCard, pulled the plug pending “further investigation.”

“We are getting seriously close to censorship in the U.S., and that must surely go against the fundamental values the country is based upon,” said Hrafnsson.

But State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said via Twitter “the U.S. government did not write to PayPal requesting any action regarding #WikiLeaks. Not true.”

Swiss authorities Monday closed a Swiss bank account tied to Assange, freezing tens of thousands of dollars used to fund the Wikileaks operation, his lawyers said.

“It wouldn’t be surprising in the least that Wikileaks and political pressure from the U.S. and other affected governments has at least something to do with the current charges in Sweden,” said American University law professor Stephen Vladeck, an expert in national security and international criminal law. But “whether it’s because of that pressure [that he faces charges] is something I think we can’t know.”

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Europeans Accused of “Paranoia” Over Fears of U.S. Economic Espionage, Wikileaks Documents Reveal

By Tom Burghardt – Antifascist Calling

Confidential State Department documents released by the whistleblowing web site WikiLeaks, revealed that a European Parliamentary vote earlier this year that suspended participation in a U.S. government program that secretly monitored international bank transactions, surprised and angered the Obama administration.

In a stunning rebuke of U.S. policies the February 2010 memo, “Chancellor Merkel Angered by Lack of German MEP Support for TFTP,” 10BERLIN180 provided new evidence that the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (also known as Swift) is viewed skeptically by the European public and their representatives.

Distrust of the Swift program runs deep and its “War on Terror” pedigree is considered little more than a pretext for American spies to carry out economic espionage on behalf of U.S. multinationals.

Alarmed over privacy breaches by American firms and criminal acts, such as the illegal U.S. transfer of prisoners on CIA “black flights,” aided and abetted by European intelligence agencies, outraged public opinion forced the hand of parliamentarians, who voted overwhelming to suspend the program.

German opposition to Swift “was particularly damaging” The New York Times reported, “because the country was among a handful of allies that, according to a 2006 cable, made up a ‘coalition of the constructive’ organized to ensure that the Swift operation was not ‘ruined by privacy experts’.”

Launched shortly after the 9/11 provocation by the Bush administration, the secret program handed American officials unprecedented access to global financial information on bank transactions routed through a vast database administered by the Swift consortium in Brussels.

Access to such unique data would be particularly valuable to U.S. corporations. In light of evidence published in a 2001 European Parliament report that the National Security Agency’s ECHELON program was a cover for economic espionage, such fears are not unfounded.

Since the program’s disclosure in 2006 by The New York Times, criticism over its operations have mounted steadily.

CIA and Treasury Department officials secretly poured over records of some $6 trillion dollars in daily financial transactions flowing through global banks and brokerage houses.

“European Union regulators,” the ACLU reported, “found that the mass financial prying was not legally authorized, was conducted without proper checks and balances, and violated several important rules established to protect the privacy of Europeans.”

Increasing the “creep factor” amongst EU officials, the ACLU disclosed that the ultra-spooky Booz Allen Hamilton corporation had been hired to “oversee” the program by the federal government.

Concluding that the firm was not an “independent check” on Swift surveillance, the civil liberties’ watchdogs wrote that “Booz Allen is one of the largest U.S. Government contractors, with hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. Government contracts awarded each year. Booz Allen has a history of working closely with U.S. Government agencies on electronic surveillance, including the Total Information Awareness program.”

Initial misgivings amongst the public and privacy advocates have since blossomed into outright hostility, thus setting the stage for last summer’s vote.

Cynical Maneuvers

Noting that the American-led “War on Terror” coalition is fraying at the seams, U.S. Ambassador to Berlin Philip Murphy, wrote that “Merkel is particularly irritated with German MEPs from her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and sister Christian Social Union (CSU) parties, most of whom reportedly voted against the agreement despite previously indicating they would support it.”

The ambassador claimed that “public German reactions” to the European Parliament’s vote “have come exclusively from TFTP detractors who portrayed the veto as a sign that the European Parliament has won a victory over an arrogant Commission/Council, as well as delivering a rebuke to U.S. counterterrorism policies that undervalue data privacy.”

Free Democratic Party (FDP) Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, a member of Merkel’s coalition, was derided by Murphy as “a strong proponent of data privacy rights,” who had welcomed the vote saying that “‘the citizens of Europe have won a victory today that strengthened not just data protection, but democracy in all of Europe.”

That’s certainly a “diplomatic” way of saying they don’t trust their American allies!

Undeterred however, Murphy recommended that the U.S. crank up the “Mighty Wurlitzer” disinformation machine a decibel or two.

“These events,” the ambassador wrote, “suggest the need to intensify our engagement with German government interlocutors, Bundestag and European parliamentarians, and opinion makers to demonstrate that the U.S. has strong data privacy measures in place.”

Murphy said this “debate was not just about TFTP;” the ambassador averred that “paranoia runs deep especially about U.S. intelligence agencies.”

Those quaint denizens of “old Europe,” where do they ever get such fanciful ideas!

U.S. Embassies: Global Spy Nets

In the Cablegate file, “Reporting and Collection Needs: The United Nations,” 09STATEE80163, dated July 31, 2009 and classified SECRET/NOFORN (“no foreign distribution”) we learned last week that under America’s revised National HUMINT Collection Directive (NCHD) U.S. diplomats and State Department employees under CIA cover are directed to spy on key UN personnel, including Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

State Department documents revealed that diplomats have been ordered to gather “as much of the following information as possible when they have information relating to persons linked to: office and organizational titles; names, position titles and other information on business cards; numbers of telephones, cell phones, pagers and faxes; compendia of contact information, such as telephone directories (in compact disc or electronic format if available) and e-mail listings; internet and intranet ‘handles’, internet e-mail addresses, web site identification-URLs; credit card account numbers; frequent flyer account numbers; work schedules, and other relevant biographical information.”

U.S. overlords demanded that their diplomat-spies collect relevant data on “about current and future use of communications systems and technologies by officials or organizations, including cellular phone networks, mobile satellite phones, very small aperture terminals (VSAT), trunked and mobile radios, pagers, prepaid calling cards, firewalls, encryption, international connectivity, use of electronic data interchange, Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), Worldwide interoperability for microwave access (Wi-Max), and cable and fiber networks.”

Documents released so far have revealed that similar “diplomatic” spying operations are underway globally and target Bulgaria; Romania; Slovenia; Hungary; Venezuela; Paraguay; Palestine; African Great Lakes; and West Africa.

Denouncing WikiLeaks for the embarrassing disclosures, not for U.S. duplicity and deceit, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who authorized the surreptitious collection programs, said last week that covert action by its foreign service “is the role our diplomats play in serving America.”

A “Well-Placed Source”

Despite full knowledge, “we were astonished to learn” ambassador Murphy wrote, “how quickly rumors about alleged U.S. economic espionage–at first associated with the new U.S. air passenger registration system (ESTA), then with TFTP–gained currency among German parliamentarians in the run-up to the February 11 vote in Strasbourg.”

Are there legitimate reasons perhaps, why “paranoia” would “run deep” among the public, or the German government for that matter, considering the track record of “U.S. intelligence agencies”?

Last Friday, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle’s chief of staff, Helmut Metzner, was sacked after he confessed he was the “young, up-and-coming party loyalist” who served as an American asset inside the Free Democratic Party, a coalition partner of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s right-wing government.

Der Spiegel reported that Metzner was the “top-level national party employee responsible for passing secret information on to US diplomats during the negotiations to form the current German government in 2009.”

According to the 2009 Cablegate file 09BERLIN1271, “Westerwelle Firm on Removal of Nuclear Weapons,” Metzner is described therein as “a well-placed FDP source.”

From his perch, Metzner was privy to sensitive information that he passed on to his American handlers; in fact the go-getter was “the head of international relations for the national party.” Rather conveniently, one might say!

Indeed, the strategist-spy “shared with Emboffs and visiting Senior Germany Desk Officer October 7 information on issues discussed during the first two days of these negotiations as well as the negotiations schedule and working group make-up. Source serves as his party’s notetaker for the negotiations and has been a long-standing close Embassy contact.”

“It’s now clear,” Der Spiegel reported, “why the US ambassador appeared so pleased in his cables back to Washington–after all, his mole had the ear of the head of the party and was part of the inner circle of party leadership.”

Eventually, ambassador Murphy’s call to “intensify our engagement with German government interlocutors, Bundestag and European parliamentarians, and opinion makers” over the Swift program paid off.

In July, “after mobilizing top administration officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.,” the Obama administration was able to reverse the vote in the European Parliament, “after the United States made modest concessions that promised greater European oversight,” The New York Times reported.

“Concessions” that will accelerate the erosion of privacy rights while enhancing U.S. efforts to steal economic secrets from their capitalist rivals.

Tuesday’s arrest of Julian Assange in Britain on a dubious Swedish warrant, and the court’s refusal to grant the activist/journalist bail, will not stop the leaks. Despite intense pressure from the Pentagon, the State Department and lickspittle American politicians, more than 500 web sites currently mirror WikiLeaks.

The steady drip, drip, drip of dark secrets will continue, as will further revelations of U.S. crimes.

Tom Burghardt is a researcher and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing in Covert Action Quarterly and Global Research ,  his articles can be read on Dissident Voice, The Intelligence Daily, Pacific Free Press, Uncommon Thought Journal, and the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. He is the editor of Police State America: U.S. Military “Civil Disturbance” Planning, distributed by AK Press and has contributed to the new book from Global Research, The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century.

10.10.10 Illusionati the new documentary by Matthew Kazee is ON SALE NOW

Illusionati the powerful new documentary film by Matthew Kazee begins to look beyond the veil of control. Detailing the evolution of the Illuminati controlling the first printing press to the modern day version of Mainstream Media. False Flag Terrorism, Mind Control, Mass Media Propaganda, Secrets of Hollywood and the Anti War Movement are just a few of the subjects that the movie showcases.

Modern graphics and animation stand out as the “Hive Mind” is disabled to bring you a “Pirate Transmission” from within the media matrix. A stand out cast of speakers which include Ed Asner, Jordan Maxwell, Jack Blood, Jason Bermas, Eben Rey, Mark Dice, Matt Conner, Doug Owen, Cindy Sheenhan and many more.

The first in a “Trilogy of Truth” which will look beyond the veil and expose the world wide mind. Independently made by Matthew Kazee, Illusionati is a roller coaster ride of information and shocking realities.

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10.10.10 Illusionati Ships from the Doc to Begin to See Beyond the Veil and Expose the World Wide Mind Control System

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10.01.10 EFF: “government-mandated back doors” in communications systems would be a “recipe for disaster.”

A digital rights group expressed concern on Monday over reports that the Obama administration is drawing up legislation to make it easier for US intelligence services to eavesdrop on the Internet.

The New York Times reported Monday that the White House intends to submit a bill to Congress next year that would require all online services that enable communications to be technically capable of complying with a wiretap order.

The Times said it would require encrypted email transmitters like BlackBerry, social networks like Facebook and services like Skype to provide the capability to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.

Seth Schoen, staff technologist at the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), said requiring “government-mandated back doors” in communications systems would be a “recipe for disaster.”

“Throughout the 1990s, EFF and others fought the ‘crypto wars’ to ensure that the public would have the right to strong encryption tools that protect our privacy and security — with no back doors and no intentional weaknesses,” Schoen said in a blog post.

“We fought in court and in Congress to protect privacy rights and challenge restrictions on encryption, and to make sure the public could use encryption to protect itself,” he said.

“For a decade, the government backed off of attempts to force encryption developers to weaken their products and include back doors, and the crypto wars seemed to have been won,” Schoen said.

“Now the government is again proposing to do so, following in the footsteps of regimes like the United Arab Emirates that have recently said some privacy tools are too secure and must be kept out of civilian hands,” he said.

“Intentionally weakening security and including back doors is a recipe for disaster,” Schoen said. “‘Lawful intercept’ systems built under current laws have already been abused for unlawful spying by governments and criminals.

“Trying to force technology developers to include back doors is a recipe for disaster for our already-fragile online security and privacy,” Schoen said.

“It takes a page from the world’s most repressive regimes’ Internet-control playbook. This is exactly the wrong message for the US government to be sending to the rest of the world,” he said.

The Times said federal law enforcement and national security officials are seeking the new regulations because extremists and criminals are increasingly communicating online rather than using phones.

“We’re talking about lawfully authorized intercepts,” Federal Bureau of Investigation general counsel Valerie Caproni told the newspaper.

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October 7-13 2010 The Year We Make Contact or Is Project Blue Beam Coming to a Sky Near You?

Matt Kazee

For the record I don’t think anything is going to happen with UFO’s on October 7-13, I think that they are conditioning us for an event in the future.   Only the shadow knows.

A Tsunami of truth is beginning to trickle out of binary code across the net. It is not anything new, it was designed by DARPA to follow all patterns of “intelligence”. In result of that monolithic effort to create giant web that catches and stores all information, thousands of jobs created and billions of dollars spent to “transform” our nation and military in an effort to “connect the dots”. Did it work? At the same time the technology was coming online, our elected officials were dismantling the bill rights and beginning to pen a new “Declaration of the United Nations”.

Now we are being told by every one from Larry King to the Vatican that the Aliens are getting ready to make CONTACT.  The internet is a buzz about the Vatican appointing ambassador to greet the “Aliens” if they arrived.

‘The Vatican and United Nations ready for Alien contact?

Lets first look at the United Nations new appointed position to the “United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs” and the naming of Mazlan Othman to be Alien – UFO ambassador in case contact is made.

This United Nations office is responsible for promoting international cooperation in peaceful uses of outer space. UNOOSA is also going to be responsible for the implementation of the Secretary-General’s responsibilities under all international space laws. It also will be responsible for the United Nations Registry of Objects sent into Space as well.

Mazlan Othman is a Malaysian astrophysicist that will be the official “Greeter” to any contacted species from space. Some people would argue that this type of appointment should be the responsibility of a high ranking official such as a president of some other world leader, but this is a unanimous decision on the part of the united nations for this job to be carried out by Othman. She does have a background in science and other space related credentials like overseeing the Malaysian national space program, and she saw over the training and flight of Malaysia’s first astronaut. Mazlan Othmans job as within UNOOSA includes possible issues that may involve space technology, and the preparedness and protocols if an asteroid or comet was on a direct collision course with Earth. One U.N. peer out of the UK, a Professor Richard Crowther, said
“Ms. Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader’ person”.

Next I think I will touch on the Vatican and some of the things coming out of it.
This story is even strange for me to read. It seems the Vatican’s astronomer says he’d love to ‘baptize an alien’. Yes… You read that correctly. He wants to baptize an alien if we make contact. Dr Consolmagno, is the curator of the little known Pope’s meteorite collection, and he is a trained astronomer as well as a planetary scientist at none other than the Vatican’s own private observatory.’

Now with the return of V for public consumption and a new series that features a ringer for Obama and family.  NBC’s EvEnt is a conspiracy based drama dealing with a secret “Alien Agenda” that the Obama character wants to tell the world and the CIA decides to attempt an assassination.  The assassination attempt is NOT the EvEnt.

Now a ‘newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth’s principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere dangerously approaching a “critical mass.”

Winnipeg, MB (PRWEB) September 13, 2010 — A newly-published 352-page book by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.

The book, Challenges of Change (3rd ed.), reports this event will be the initial interaction in a process leading to mankind’s acceptance of the alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.’ New World Order Report

New World Order Report wants you to know

“Just before he [Wernher von Braun] died, he gave an interview to Carol Rosin, in which he basically said that in order to sustain the military-industrial complex that first a false threat of terrorists would be created and used on the public and then asteroids and finally a false alien threat.”

Wernher von Braun was a German-American rocket scientist, engineer and space architect, becoming one of the leading figures in the creation of rocket technology in Germany and the United States. He was a member of the Nazi party and a commissioned SS officer. Wernher von Braun was said to be the preeminent rocket engineer of the 20th century. After the war, he and some of his rocket team were taken to the United States as part of the then-secret Operation Paperclip. In 1955, ten years after entering the country, von Braun became a naturalized U.S. citizen. Von Braun worked on the US Army intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) program before his group was assimilated by NASA, under which he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V launch vehicle, the superbooster that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon. According to one NASA source, he is “without doubt, the greatest rocket scientist in history. His crowning achievement … was to lead the development of the Saturn V booster rocket that helped land the first men on the Moon in July 1969.” He received the 1975 National Medal of Science

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

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Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:44am EDT

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

PR Newswire


Ex-military men say unknown intruders have monitored and even tampered with American nuclear missiles

Group to call on U.S. Government to reveal the facts

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Witness testimony from more than 120 former or retired military personnel points to an ongoing and alarming intervention by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites, as recently as 2003. In some cases, several nuclear missiles simultaneously and inexplicably malfunctioned while a disc-shaped object silently hovered nearby. Six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man will break their silence about these events at the National Press Club and urge the government to publicly confirm their reality.

One of them, ICBM launch officer Captain Robert Salas, was on duty during one missile disruption incident at Malmstrom Air Force Base and was ordered to never discuss it. Another participant, retired Col. Charles Halt, observed a disc-shaped object directing beams of light down into the RAF Bentwaters airbase in England and heard on the radio that they landed in the nuclear weapons storage area. Both men will provide stunning details about these events, and reveal how the U.S. military responded.

Captain Salas notes, “The U.S. Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it.” Col. Halt adds, “I believe that the security services of both the United States and the United Kingdom have attempted—both then and now—to subvert the significance of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practiced methods of disinformation.”

The group of witnesses and a leading researcher, who has brought them together for the first time, will discuss the national security implications of these and other alarmingly similar incidents and will urge the government to reveal all information about them. This is a public-awareness issue.

Declassified U.S. government documents, to be distributed at the event, now substantiate the reality of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites extending back to 1948. The press conference will also address present-day concerns about the abuse of government secrecy as well as the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons.

WHO: Dwynne Arneson, USAF Lt. Col. Ret., communications center officer-in-charge

Bruce Fenstermacher, former USAF nuclear missile launch officer

Charles Halt, USAF Col. Ret., former deputy base commander

Robert Hastings, researcher and author

Robert Jamison, former USAF nuclear missile targeting officer

Patrick McDonough, former USAF nuclear missile site geodetic surveyor

Jerome Nelson, former USAF nuclear missile launch officer

Robert Salas, former USAF nuclear missile launch officer

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10.10.10 Save the Date

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M/W SAVE THE DATE 10.10.10 from whileseated on Vimeo.

M/W SAVE THE DATE 10.10.10 from whileseated on Vimeo.

10.10.10 Global Mind Shift Experiment Invitation…. WATCH THIS

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10.10.10 Global Mind Shift Experiment Invitation

On 10.10.10am , a thought experiment will take place around the world to continue to prove the idea that we are deeply connected and that when thoughts are focused by many people on any one idea (in this case peace) that it can impact reality. Random number generators around the earth indicate this is true. If you are interested in learning more about this thought experiment or want to participate, check out the following video and visit the link below.

Click here for more info

10.10.10 – Humanity’s Date with Destiny: “The Inauguration of a New Civilization” The Power of One invites all 4YG allies to the inaugural event marking the beginning of Humanity’s new, unfolding story. On October 10th 2010, you can become part of the founding family of a new civilization

September 24, 2010 by admin  
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n Washington DC and worldwide, we will start changing the course of history by collectively declaring our commitment to build the future our hearts know is possible. And, that’s just the beginning.

As 4YG allied organizations, we have already answered the call to change the course of history in the next four years. Now that we have answered the call, it is time to harness our energy to initiate the collective will of the world to do the same. Indeed, the collective will is all that is missing—we have the reason, the vision, the power, and the technology to create the new world.

Let us show the world that a small group of people can change the course of human history, that the energy of such a small group can expand exponentially to jumpstart a global movement, and that this movement can inspire a necessary global declaration that we are:

* Committed to the survival and evolution of the human species and all life on earth…
* Willing to mark the passing of a civilization that threatens our survival…
* Ready to create the new world together.

On this day, we will bring together the collective power of people via aligned events taking place on the same day throughout the world which announce the beginning of humanity’s new unfolding story of a saner world that truly works for the good of all. Will you join us?
Read The Declaration

“Through the power of our intention, 10.10.10 will be a momentous date in history… read more on the website.

Be present on 10.10.10. from wherever you are and in the lead up to 10-10-10 add your voice and increase your own Power of One by amplifying it to the Power of 10 so that this collective declaration is heard around the world!

* Sign up for the Avatar Lights Campaign and record your energy and intentions for co-creating a brighter future via 10.10.10 on the world map.
* Take the “Power of 10? Pledge and begin to co-create a New Civilization using your Power of 10 exponentially to energetically connect all of humanity as one. Simply invite ten people to join in on 10-10-10, and then encourage them to do the same with ten people they know, and so on.
* Make a voluntary contribution of $10 to co-create 10.10.10 as a truly global declaration and a new beginning.
* Link your world map presence to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.


This will be a globally connected and co-created event, linking many self-organizing activities across continents. Let’s make it happen together! Become a 10.10.10. event organizer.

* Tell us about the event you are organizing on 10.10.10.
* Send us a news release of your event, plus logo and links so we can post to our website and promote your cause that will occur on 10.10.10.
* And of course remember to join the Avatar Lights Campaign


Your organization, or group can be a part of a critical mass that will jumpstart an era of transformative change!

* Become a Patron, Ambassador, Change Agent, Catalyst, Energizer or Light Point.
* Link your world map presence to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.
* And yes, once again, please do make sure you join the Avatar Lights Campaign

Show Up

See immediately how you are creating the tipping point. Your avatar will appear on an interactive online world map together with those of other global citizens, and your energetic intention and contribution will co-create 10.10.10 as a literal show of our collective energy, which will also be displayed on the evening of 10-10-10 via the Avatar Lights display at the National Mall. Be one of the ones adding your energy and light!

10.10.10 is not just a single “feel good” event. It is a concrete demonstration that our global community can come together to co-create projects of significance to humanity. It is just the beginning of the emergence of a unique global initiative that will catalyze a Quantum Action Network of evolutionary entrepreneurship in service to the whole.

10.10.10 is an event that will be stimulating, inspiring, and lots of fun too! Sharing, Songs, Solutions, Silence, Science, Spirit, Speeches and revealing some of the world’s best kept Secrets – all in service of reclaiming the Sanity needed to create the new world. Enjoy this shining event and say you were part of the inauguration of a new civilization.

In service to the whole,

Power of One Team

Power of One is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, read Our Mission Statement

10.10.10 Live Free or Die: Decode the Oracle

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