10.10.10 Illusionati the new documentary by Matthew Kazee is ON SALE NOW

Illusionati the powerful new documentary film by Matthew Kazee begins to look beyond the veil of control. Detailing the evolution of the Illuminati controlling the first printing press to the modern day version of Mainstream Media. False Flag Terrorism, Mind Control, Mass Media Propaganda, Secrets of Hollywood and the Anti War Movement are just a few of the subjects that the movie showcases.

Modern graphics and animation stand out as the “Hive Mind” is disabled to bring you a “Pirate Transmission” from within the media matrix. A stand out cast of speakers which include Ed Asner, Jordan Maxwell, Jack Blood, Jason Bermas, Eben Rey, Mark Dice, Matt Conner, Doug Owen, Cindy Sheenhan and many more.

The first in a “Trilogy of Truth” which will look beyond the veil and expose the world wide mind. Independently made by Matthew Kazee, Illusionati is a roller coaster ride of information and shocking realities.

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10.10.10 Illusionati Ships from the Doc to Begin to See Beyond the Veil and Expose the World Wide Mind Control System

Check out the Official Illusionati Website Click the Banner Below

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10.10.10 Illusionati Ships to begin to de veil the mind control system Check out this article entitled “Art as a Weapon”by AberyJane inspired by a pre-screening of the new film by Matthew Kazee

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TRUTHMOVEMENT.COM DISCLAIMER:  Matt Kazee dose not condone any action or attempts to engage the Police State in any action other then what Martin Luther King referred to as “Civil Disobedience”

AberyJanes Thoughts on Protesting

Before Reading this, I want people to understand that I am not inciting violence. However there is always a time and a place for that. Im encouraging people to get organized and stand up for themselves.  Im tired of seeing protesters getting their asses kicked and not doing a damn thing about it. So READ ON!

After having watched the documentary “Illusionatti” by Matt Kazee, it was the ending that shocked me the most. The last hour and 45 minutes had footage from the G20 summit in Pittsburg. Many clips showed protesters who were peacefully rallying against the summit and marching down the street. Then all hell breaks loose when the Riot Police show up.

Now, Riot Police have been around for a very long time. We have seen clips and video of their tactics, weapons, and intimidation. Once these men turned cattle ranchers show up on the scene, it becomes a confusing herd mentality amongst the protesters. Nobody knows what to do, how to act, or even follow their directions until the police start clubbing on their shields for their battle call. That battle call sends emotional trauma to those protesting as the noise is intimidating and fearful. Think of it as a battle drum. Something is defiantly coming and its big.

Eventually it’s the Riot Police who incite the riots and not the protesters. They use confusion tactics in order to justify beating on innocent people. The days of flowers in guns is no longer probable as these people are trained to reign you in. Remember that they are doing their job. I don’t like it any more than you do, but it’s the truth. They don’t care who you are or how many children you have or what you fight for.

I ask that people who are planning on protesting do a very large research project. First, start with Ghandi. He was the KING of protesting. Watch his tactics and his moves. He was a very smart man. Why? Because he studied his enemy. Almost every part of his tactics will still work today. When you protest, the people you are protesting against aren’t actually getting touched by you. You are being vocal. That’s the important thing. Another important aspect about protesting is your numbers! We were taught at a very young age that theres safety in numbers. If theres 1000 riot police and 6000 of you, You out number them 6 to 1. So ask yourself, who can be the real bully? Yes, they may have rubber bullets and man sticks and shields, but one person verses six aren’t good odds if youre that one person.

Organization is absolute key during a protest. For every 1000 people, you need 10 leaders for that group. This is mainly communication. Remember, you are going into battle. A police scanner is also needed. You need to keep track of your enemy. The only thing that stands between you and protesting is the police. Know their positions at all times and know the gear that they carry. Most of the time theyre in their riot gear. It’s the usual helmet, shield, rubber bullet gun, clubs, pepper spray and tear gas. General rule for winning a battle, is dress like your enemy. Protective gear is sold all over the place at military surplus stores and at a good price. So go get your armor. Plus its easy to wear under your clothes.

So everybody who reads this understand, the riot police are there to protect themselves, and you should do the same. There is no violent attempt perceived by using protective gear. Besides, youre there for a peaceful protest and these idiots show up like Darth Vader at a Trek Fest. NOT COOL. I would also go as far as to carry essentials in your back pack. These include, ear plugs, goggles for that nasty tear gas and pepper spray, your own pair of handcuffs and yes, a club. Now you ask why handcuffs and a club. The reasoning is very simple, Darth Vader wants your soul. His perception is that he’s looking for a fight and he will start one himself. How many protesters have we seen just get randomly clubbed? Fight fire with fire. Remember your numbers? Any one of those riot police get out of hand, its called Citizens Arrest. Use it! Take said Jango Fett clone to a safe location. If he struggles, make him uncomfortable and have somebody stay with him so he doesn’t reach for said weapons. This is where your club comes in handy. Its also a way to fend off said police. Once you start, it’s a domino effect. I know what you are thinking. You came for a peaceful protest, but its also your job to keep others from harm. Is it okay for the Vader Police to beat up on somebody who’s just standing there? Really? HELL NO! Youre already there to have your voice heard, these idiots show up on your scene even though you have that permit to protest. Don’t stand there like a tard wondering what the hell to do! Vader made the first move, you do the rest. Its called standing up for yourself.

Study their riot tactics. We have this wonderful thing called the internet now. Videos, booklets, and even their gear is for sale online. Watch these clips over and over and ask yourself, how certain situations could have been prevented. Your police scanner comes in handy so you KNOW what their plans are, where theyre heading, and what your next move will be. Its like having an electric crystal ball in your pocket. Tell your other leaders whats up. The next thing you know, you’re being herded into a park surrounded by idiots in riot gear without these small items to help you along.

Fear. People don’t stand up for themselves and expect somebody else to make a bold move so they feel more comfortable. Fear is a pain in the ass and guess who has that on their side? The Riot Police. Remember that they are the ones geared out and not you. They have more to fear from your protesters, than you do from them. Always stand 10 to 20 feet back from them. Look them in the eye and let them know you mean business. What we’re doing here is turning the tables. You are intimidating them and not the other way around. You wanna freak out riot police, stay as quiet and calm as possible. Stand still, don’t talk to them, don’t talk amongst each other, just stand there. Its like the long awkward silence while youre on a date with that hot chick you’ve been working on for three months. You have nothing to say and neither does she. Heres the trick, to this, make sure the group is big and compact. Stay close to eachother. If the riot police start to move in on you with their battle rabble, you cant turn around. Start moving FORWARD. That’s right, I wrote it and its on the internet. This is also a good time to put in your ear plugs because the sound weapons are near at hand. Be prepared to be hit. Yes, men with clubs want to use those things. But again, safety in numbers. You have your own defence weapons in your backpack and numbers on your side. You are a tightly packed and motivated group. We as Americans have already lost our country to CEO’s and a corrupt government. What do you have left to loose when you have so much to gain. Fuck the government, fuck the police, youre here protesting and you are one pissed off American. Show those assholes that you will no longer be pushed around by brainwashed douchebags and take control of your own destiny. If you want to protest, do it right for gods sake! Drop that fear and drop that policeman on his ass. If he isn’t part of the solution he’s part of the problem.

This is the part where I recap. Small protests you aren’t going to need all this stuff. However, G20 summit is a big deal. You will need to prepare for something like this months in advance. Anybody who is planning on going should be in constant contact with a protest leader. This is the person who acquired the permit to protest.. Usually the person who got the permit to protest is the smartest as they knew how to aquire it. Its common sense. You must always be prepared for the worst. Contain your calm. Im going as far as saying lose the bullhorns. Silent protest is the scariest of protests because riot police cant hear slience. Signs will do. They state your intentions. Be prepared for the worst. Just because YOU think it cant happen to you, it can. Heres your checklist:

1. Ear plugs

2. Goggles or protective eyewear

3. Club

4. Video camera (get as much on video as possible, the camera doesn’t lie)

5. Body armor (wear this under your clothes

6. Pepper spray

7. Handcuffs

8. Form of communication

9. Police scanner

So protesters, if youre going to protest, please do it right. When you protest something as huge as the G20 summit or Bilderberg meetings, the world is watching you. Hopefully not watching you get your asses kicked. Im tired of seeing people make an attempt to stand up for themselves and fail miserably by making the same mistakes over and over again. The power is in the people and youre there to prove it. Show the world that you are one massive organized NWO ass kicking machine. There are more of you than there are of them. With organization and preparedness, maybe you will get that face to face meeting with the worlds douchebag elites The government and their “bodyguards” are the ones who are the home grown terrorists. Remember this one important fact, the victors write the history books.

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Matt Kazee crosses the country interviewing people for the upcoming “Trilogy of Truth”

July 5, 2009 by admin  
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Matt Kazee July 4 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I am still on the road but when I return home in a couple of weeks…. 33rd Parallel News Radio will be syndicated on Revere Radio and Oracle Broadcasting !!!!
Also working on the other “underground” radio station for a possible sunday show! keep your fingers crossed.

Documentary News: The list of people who are now committed to the my new film is GROWING… I can’t say who the HUGE stars are that will be interviewed in a few months for the project but I will say that I just interviewed Ed Asner for the project.

So Far:

Jason Bermas
Jack Blood
Matt Conner
King Mob
Doug Owens (blacklisted news)
Mark Dice
Jordan Maxwell
Dr. Jack Alpan (amazing stuff)
Ed Asner
Alex Ansary
Eben Rey KFPK
Greg Lower
Randy Weaver
Ed and Elaine Brown
Cynthia Mckinney
Daniel Sunjata
Dylan Avery

and MUCH MORE to be announced.