Shock video: Police gang-tackle Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Nick Milroy as he enters Capitol

March 4, 2011 by admin  
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A Democratic lawmaker in Wisconsin has had a confrontation with police while trying to enter the Capitol building.

A video obtained by WISN-TV shows Rep. Nick Milroy being tackled by Capitol police while trying to enter the building to retrieve some clothes.

Milroy tried to get through the door of the Capitol before struggling with police and eventually being pulled to the ground. It doesn’t appear as if Milroy was given the chance to present his ID.

Protesters were forced to leave the Capitol Thursday night after Dane County Circuit Judge John Albert ruled that it be vacated for 48 hours for cleaning. Protesters had been camped out in the building for 17 days straight.

Those demonstrating against a plan by Gov. Scott Walker (R) to strip public workers of their bargaining rights took the decision as a partial victory. Albert ruled that a policy restricting protesters from entering the Capitol violated the protesters’ constitutional rights.

“Free speech, protests, rallies should be allowed during the hours the Capitol is open and at any other time when either house of the Legislature is in session or any committee or government body is conducting a public hearing,” the judge said.

“But it is completely within the rights of the people who run the Capitol to prevent people from entering… with sleeping bags, pillows, mats and blankets, and intending to remain after closing hours.”

This video is from WISH-TV, broadcast March 4, 2011.

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