Proposed Law Would Put Video Cameras In Cars

August 11, 2010 by admin  
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Published on 08-10-2010

Source: CBS13

SACRAMENTO – Lawmakers are considering controversial new legislation this week that would allow vehicles to be equipped with dashboard cameras to record the moments leading up to accidents.

The proposed law, AB1942, would promote safer driving habits and reduce accidents by permitting video recorders to be installed on the windshield.

The bill currently allows devices to record video, audio, how fast and which direction the vehicle is traveling, a history of where your car has been, steering and brake performance and seat belt usage.

The devices would record in a continuous loop and would only save information if there is unusual vehicle motion or a crash. They could also be capable of transmitting the information to a central control center the moment of the accident.

Proponents say there are enough safety measures to avoid an invasion of privacy, but others call the proposal a huge overreach of government power.

“Having devices like that, I think infringes on our privacy,” said Patricia Lewis. “We have less of that as it is.”

The American Civil Liberties Union said they are not opposed to the bill, but have a number of issues they would like to see addressed, including making sure the video monitor is the property of the car owner and ensuring the technology has an on-and-off switch.